a note: what to expect

Hello, my worldwide mass audience that accumulates to a grand total of zero – I am here to tell you that after finding out Hannibal Season 3 has been cancelled, I’m not only in the mood to carve a giant version of my metaphorically broken heart using human flesh, but also to write recaps for each episode. I’ve wanted to do this for season 2, but I just didn’t darn get round to it, and now I’m scared there won’t be another season to review, so I’m going to begin doing it now. TODAY. UNTIL IT’S OVER!!!!!

I know I’m five episodes behind (six for y’all Americans) but I’m planning on posting a recap each day from today (Monday) until Friday, with the last day having two due to the sixth episode having aired the Thursday before. Complicated? I know.

So, today I’ll be posting Season Three Episode 1, called Antipasto. Bonsoir.

Also, #SaveHannibal.


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